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Bangkok Thailand’s Climate & Weather

Bangkok is the largest province in Thailand. It is considered as one of the largest cities in the world. It lies about two meters above the sea level rise, which causes problems for the protection of the city against flood during rainy season. Often after the tremendous pouring of rain, water in canals and the river overflow the banks, resulting a massive flood. The flooding threat to Bangkok comes from three factors, especially during the monsoonal season. Heavy rains could combine with high tides and runoff from the north into the Chao Phraya River, which divides the city known to the locals as Krung Thep or the ‘City of Angels’ in reference to the Thai kingdom’s glorious past. To solve the problem the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has recently built higher banks along some canals to prevent the water from reaching the street. However, some expert says it is not enough protection for the city!

Bangkok has a climate determined by three seasons. The seasons are clearly defined. It is winter from November to January, between February to April weather is mostly dry because of summer season and from May to October it is dominated by the southwest monsoon, in which during this time you can experience heavy rains.

During the summer season Bangkok is hot. The average temperatures is around 34º C, however it can often reach 40º C with the humidity levels of 75% which can make unbearable to stay outside. That’s why during this period of time you can rarely see Thai people roaming around the streets not unlike in any other Asian country. Most especially the month of April because this is the hottest month accross the country and it can be almost unbearably hot and humid. However, with this really hot climate- the wonder and strange thing about Bangkok is that your complexion never get tan even you lay under the sun or if it get’s tan it will take a little time and patience. But it is advisable to always bring water with you during summer in Bangkok because once you are under the sun it seem like you are under the largest sauna & you’ll easily get exhausted of heat.

During the rainy season the downpours of rain can be extremely heavy, but generally only last for an hour or so in the afternoon. The average of humidity is under 90% only, with temperatures averaging around 29º C in Bangkok. This season can be described as unpredictable and not the constant downpours of rain like you would expect.  With the high temperature the rain is not exactly cold. If you visit Bangkok during this rainy season, you might want to check any activities in Bangkok information about Bangkok Travel and Bangkok Services. So, if you are planning to some island time as part of your trip and vacation you can also check on the directories some Bangkok hotels to get started.

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Bangkok: The New, New York?

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. Now, Bangkok the capital city of Thailand which is located in South East Asia comes close to or second to it and is as glamorous as New York City, with its beautiful temples, fine cuisine, bizarre, colourful nightlife, extravagant and , endless opportunities for shopping enthusiasts. What more could you ask for? Bangkok offers a distinct conflict of delights from the range of top fine Bangkok hotels, shopping arcades which serve as Eastern happiness such as gemstone, lush limestone, silk etc.

This dynamic city that embraced modernization and technology still they maintain the traditional haven of rich culture and most especially their loved for their King and their respect for their elders and above all their high regards with their family always comes first. With this modernity visitors will still see and feel the ambiance of the old Thai culture wherever you go, which is seen through in everyday life, such as the eminence of Buddhist temples throughout the country.

Further, Bangkok is one of the mesmerizing destination city in the world that full of life everywhere, vibrant because it offers a feast of attractions to the visitors in the city. It is easy to understand, why Bangkok is a travel destination of choice. Why, it is because in the city you can see the astonishing beauty, fascination and splendid tourist spot like the Palaces, museum, and many more.

If you want travel from any part of Thailand you can hop on a bus or you can have another choice. Bangkok travel has three major terminals; Eastern Bus Terminal, or Ekamai, North and North Eastern Bus Terminal, or Moh Chit, as well as Southern Bus Terminal, also known as Sai Tai Mai. Visiting Bangkok is an incredible time, unforgettable experience and having a car is a great way to get around.

Thailand is the total package for people who are interested in culture, history and stunning scenery.

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